The business of making washing detergents.

Washing Detergent Making. The business of making washing detergents.

Different types of Washing detergent powder are seen in the market. And it is certain that all these would not have been constructed by anyone formula i.e. method. It is possible to use different formulas and different materials to make different washing detergent powders. But the method we are going to describe here, this method can be used either as a domestic industry or to fulfill your needs related to washing detergent powder.

What is washing detergent powder

If we talk about common people, then most people know washing detergent powder as surf or Nirma. It is a white colored powder. Which is used by people to do laundry? Some people in rural India also use this powder while cleaning utensils and some dirty places like dirty rooms etc.

Washing detergent powder Washing-detergent-powder

Business Scope in washing powder Udyog

washing soda vs borax

However, washing detergent powder is rarely used in India compared to other countries. In our country on average, about 2.8 kg of powder is used per person per year. While in other countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, this figure is 3.7 and in the US 10 kg per person. Nevertheless, India’s detergent industry is expecting 7 -9% growth per year.

According to Census 2011, about 68.84% of the total population of India lives in rural areas. This clearly means that there is a big scope in the rural areas for this business in the future. Because of a lack of awareness in rural areas people do not have a particular tendency towards cleanliness. As a result, the people residing in rural areas manage only soap. Awareness about cleanliness will increase in rural areas as soon as it comes. So their washing is expected to use both detergent powder and soap.

Ingredients. Ingredients for making washing detergent powder

This Formula method is based on 50 kg of powder. You can increase this quantity by increasing it as per your requirement. Here we will try to know that if we want to make 50 kg of powder, then for this,

what amount of ingredients we have to take.

  1. 23 kg IDET-10
  2. 18 kg Sodium tripolyphosphate
  3. 8 kg Trona or Soda Ash.
  4. 1 kg Carboxymethyl cellulose
  5. Acid blue color powder: as required
  6. Tinopal: As required
  7. Liquid detergent or water: as required


Pot for mixing a mixture whose capacity is not less than 20-25 kg. If you have a pot with 20 kg capacity. So you will be able to make 50 kg of detergent powder in three times. And if you have 25 kg, then you will be able to do this work in two times. And furthermore a churn, ie electric agitator is required to move this mixture.

Washing detergent powder making formula

Step 1:

The first step in this Formula is to put the above-mentioned material IDET-10 in the vessel chosen for mixing, then pour sodium tripolyphosphate into the vessel and put a person in the process of moving. Accordingly, other ingredients like Trona or Soda Ash, Carboxymethyl cellulose are also to be added to the vessel. And remember that the process of stirring this mixture should not stop. Your goal should be to mix all these ingredients together and prepare the mixture.

Step 2:

Now when you feel that these ingredients have mixed well into each other and taken the form of a mixture. So the next step is to add Acid blue color powder and Tinopal powder to the mixture made from this Formula. And continue shaking.

Step 3:

Without stopping the process of stirring the mixture, now sprinkle light water in this mixture, you can also use a liquid detergent. This is very noticeable when spraying water or using liquid detergent. That there is no consistency of this mixture.

Step 4:

Now when you feel that all the substances have mixed well with each other. And you have managed to prepare lumps free mixture. So put the mixture kept in the pot to dry in a clean carrot or cloth.

Step 5:

Now if the mixture has dried, filter it with an iron sieve. So that the symmetry in the washing detergent powder.

Now this powder is ready to be used. If you want, you can pack 0.5 kg or 1 kg to sell it.

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The above washing detergent powder making method is just to give information and an idea. Getting training from a recognized institute to make washing detergent powder commercially, and its practical knowledge will only make the business grow and it is necessary. Therefore, before starting this business, you must contact people associated with training and this field. Only then will any person be able to fulfill their dreams in tangible form and business.

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