Learn how to download digital copy of Aadhar card online

Learn how to download digital copy of Aadhar card online, Download Aadhar Card Online 

Learn how to download digital copy of Aadhar card online, Download Aadhar Card Online

Aadhaar card is lost. You are upset. Do not understand what to do? We suggest that you do not have to worry. You can download the digital copy of the Aadhar Card again. Aadhaar number will be required for this. If you do not even have it, then it can also be known online. This 12-digit official identification number is compulsory and not in a way. But it works as an identity card in most government papers. 

In recent times some government institutions have also made it mandatory. Aadhar Card is issued by the Indian Government on behalf of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) . 

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The most important feature of Aadhar card is that its digital copy is also available which can be downloaded from UIDAI website. Such a facility is not with any other identity card. The second feature is that digital copy is valid everywhere on an original card. If you have lost the Aadhar card and you need new, or you need to copy it so that it can be deposited with any online form. Your solution to these needs is on UIDAI’s website. 

The formation of Aadhaar card is free and also to remove its digital copy. You have to do this. 

Know your UID Aadhar Card number 

You will need a UID number or enrollment number to download a copy of Aadhaar card. If you have received a hard copy of the Aadhar card, then write down the number written on it in a safe place. If you have lost your Aadhar card, look for the enrollment form to know your enrollment ID. If you do not have anything in all of these then you have to first find it. You need to: 

1. Visit UIDAI ‘s website. 

2. Ensure that Aadhaar No (UID) has been selected from the options made on top of the screen.

3. Type your full name as it is printed on your Aadhaar card. 

4. Type one of the email IDs or phone numbers. Keep in mind that these details will not be different from your Aadhar card’s details. 

5. Type the characters appearing in the image in the box created above the Enter the Security Code. 

6. Click to get OTP. 

7. One time password will be sent to your email id or phone number. Enter the password in the Enter OTP box. 

8. Click Verify OTP. 

9. Now you will get your Aadhaar Number via SMS or Email. 

Learn how to download digital copy of Aadhar card online, Download Aadhar Card Online

Get your Aadhar Card 

After getting the UID number, you can use it to download a copy of your Aadhaar card. The method is also very easy. 

1. Visit the e-Aadhar page on UIDAI website. 

2. Next, select the Aadhaar next to I have. 

3. Enter your Aadhar Card number. Also enter the full name and your home zip code. 

4. Enter the text above the text box in the text box. 

5. Click Get One Time Password . 

6. If you click Confirm in pop-up box this one-time password will be sent to your mobile number. If you want, you can also send it to your email by clicking Cancel . 

7. Enter the password in the box next to Enter OTP . 

8. Click Validate & Download 

Learn how to download digital copy of Aadhar card online, Download Aadhar Card Online

Now your Aadhar card will be downloaded as a PDF file. However this password will be protected. Its password is your home address’s zip code. You can print out this file. This is a fully valid Aadhar card.

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