how to remove stains from clothes

Has it ever happened to you that due to a small stain, you had to keep your favorite dress closed in the cupboard? It often happens that even after saving a lot, our clothes get stained. Even though these stains are very small, they spoil the beauty of the entire fabric and we have to keep it closed in compulsion.

But if you know the solution to get rid of different types of stains, then this difficulty can be reduced a bit. First of all, it is important to know that not every stain can be removed in the same way. Every stain has its own way and solution.

These are some of the measures that you can try and clean the stubborn stains on your clothes easily:

Clothes stain

Clothes stain

1. If paan is stained on your clothes, then soak the cloth in sour curd or whey. After some time rubbed the stained area with light hands. By doing this, the stains will become lighter, and once or twice by doing this process, the stains on the clothes will be completely cleaned.

2. Ice cream stains can be cleaned using ammonia.

3. If the clothes become dirty during periods or if any type of injury causes blood stains on the clothes, then it can be cleaned by rubbing salt.

4. It is effective to use kerosene to clean paint or grease stains. After cleaning with kerosene, clean the cloth using hot water with the help of high-quality surf.

5. To remove lipstick stains, soak cotton wool in the spirit and rub it on the affected area. After that wash it by putting surf in hot water. By doing this two to three times, the stain will be lightened.

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