How do I fix my computer from restarting?

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DESKTOP PC RESTART PROBLEM AND REPAIR -COMPUTER sudden stops while walking in the computer hanging problem. Or stops at the start of WINDOW. HANG may be several reasons why your computer. You have to know that what are the major cause of computer HANG.

COMPUTER HANG may cause the following.

 Having computer VIRUS.

VIRUS at the HANG would not be in the computer’s BIOS. However, WINDOW START-UP WINDOW during or after the Hang will be fully OPEN. OPEN COMPUTER HANG on to become a FILE. Or, quite SLOW computer to work. So this means. That computer has a virus. ANTI-VIRUS any good for you to SCAN the entire computer.


Even then, the problem may be in the computer HANGING. But, how will you know, the hard disk is BAD SECTOR. HANG began walking to the computer. Or, give or BLUE ERROR suddenly become HANG computer. Or do RESTART. HARD DISK in the sector can be BAD. For this, you can see it by the second hard disk.

In the RAM is bad.

HANG might even have computers. RAM malfunction or cause you to come on SCREEN color full line of screen pixels to be poor.   And oftentimes be CORRUPT of the OS. RAM AND HARD DISK contain all of the flaws. You can change the look of RAM.

If, POWER SUPPLY are bad.

Even so, your computer will HANG. So, SMPS not forget also, that many may not be correct power SMPS, HANG seem to be caused by the computer.

If you are going to be much warmer PROCESSOR

computer, the computer will HANG. Or would repeatedly restart. For which you have to check the CPU FAN. That it is working correctly. No, if the CPU FAN LOOSE. So, to him very TIGHT. If you are still having CPU OVER HEAT. After the change, even if the second CPU installed CPU, CPU OVER HEAT you are doing. Then again, the problem is your motherboard POWER SECTION. Mother board to repair. Or, put another motherboard.
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