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How to convert PDF file into image file

Convert PDF to image

The PDF file has to be changed in the image format. If you are using mobile then you can take snapshots directly. If you are using a computer then you can convert the quality image file through the process described below. We are here to explain (Convert PDF to image) the entire process under Windows XP in detail. However, this work can be easily done on other operating systems such as Windows 98, Windows 7, Linux, MacOS X etc.

Convert PDF to image


Installation of GIMP
GIMP is a free and cross-platform software that creates / edits the image. Download and install it.

Installation of Ghostscript

GhostScript Viewer is free software to read PDF (in console mode). Download GhostScript for this. It converts PDF to image.

Adding System Variables

First, click Start, go to Settings, and go to Control Panel Options. After that go to Performance and see System Info. After that go to the Advanced tab and go to the Environment Variables option. Now click on the New button.

Variable Name: Enter GS_PROG

Variable Value: Enter C: \ Program Files \ gs \ gs8.14 \ bin \ gswin32.exe (switch according to GhostScript’s installation folder). Then click OK. Then click on the New button.

Variable Name: Type GS_LIB

Variable Value: Type C: \ Program Files \ gs \ gs8.14 \ lib. (Adhere to GhostScript’s installation folder, version 8.14 will change according to your version of Ghostscript). Then click OK. Click OK in both the windows that open on the left. Restart the computer if you wish.


Open Gimp. Open the PDF file (File> Open> Select File> OK). Adjust the options if you want. Go to the file and save the copy. First select the location then enter the name of the file and then add the necessary extensions like (.jpg, .bmp, .gif, etc …) or select the type of file from the list. Click OK. If necessary, replace option compression and validate again.


If you are encountering the following error message:

"C: \ Documents and Settings \ Owner \ My Documents \ my_file.pdf" Not opening:
"C: \ Documents and Settings \ Owner \ My Documents \ my_file.pdf" for reading: Opening: Failed to load document from Data (error 1)

First of all, make sure that you have installed Ghostscript, you have successfully created a new environment variable and the path that you have given for these variables is correct. Right-click on PDF and choose Open with> Gimp in a systematic way.

Pdf creator

Pdf creator, Convert PDF to image

Pdf creator (Convert PDF to image)

Download PDF Creator from here for free. Open PDF in Acrobat Reader. Choose Print and print with PDF Creator. When PDF Creator offers to save PDFs, choose File Type as PDF instead of PDF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PCX. To change the settings of PDF Creator, go to Options / Formats and change the settings for each file format resolution, color depth i.e. depth of colors, etc.


ImageMagick is a great way to convert and manipulate images in the command line. Under Windows, you must download this version ImageMagick. It’s very easy to convert PDF files into many types of images. Use this command:

convert myfile.pdf image%04d.tiff

Using Adobe Reader

Open the document with Adobe Reader. After that go to Edit and click Take Snapshot. Define snapshot area, holding down the right mouse button downwards. When the right mouse button is released, the selected area will be copied to the clipboard. Paste this into the Image Editor software (Paint, Gimp) and save the image as per your preference.


XnView includes the necessary features to convert PDF files into image formats.

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