Aadhar Card

How to check the status card of Aadhaar card online

How to check the status card of Aadhaar

How to check the status card of Aadhaar card online (aadhar card Password), Did you complete the process of forming a Aadhar card but did not get it yet? Do not be bothered. You can easily find the status of your application by going to the internet. For this, you will need anonymity slip which is given to you at the Enrollment Center after the profiling process. If you have that slip then it is very easy to get the status.  How to check the status card of Aadhaar card online

Aadhar Card

 All citizens of the country are entitled to receive Aadhaar card. This 12-digit official identification number is not mandatory, but it works as an identity card in most government papers. Aadhar Card is issued by the Indian Government on behalf of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). In recent times some government institutions have also made it mandatory. That’s why we would suggest that you definitely make it, even if it does not have immediate urgency. 
How to check the status card of Aadhaar card online

You can follow the instructions given below to know the status of your Aadhaar card application.

1. Visit the Aadhaar status page on UIDAI website. 

2. Check the consolidation slip of your Adhaar card. In the upper part, you will see the number of the number of the number 14. With this, the date and time of the enrollment will also be given, it will also be of 14 figures. 

3. Write these details in the box of EID and Date / Time respectively. 

4. After this, write the captcha code in the box with Enter the Security Code . 

5. Now click on Check Status . 

Adhaar digital copy

By doing this, you will know the status of your Adhaar inrollment application. Let us know that through this process you can only know the status of the new application. If you have lost your card and want to remove its digital copy, you can learn how to download the digital copy of the Aadhar card .

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