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What Is A Digital Multimeter?

Digital multimeter More precise values ​​of various measurements by digital multimeter, the meter can be obtained as points on the screen. Other simple multimeter accessories, such as digital multimeter would not use needles or Needle. Instead of points is exactly the type of display used in the calculator.

Described in the picture below multimeter rotary switch has four plugs remain. Com are written

on one of these plugs, and it is common to plug the meter for each range. On the right side of the plug to plug the com “VOhm (Ω)” Face-to-use measuring voltage and resistance

Before using any of the digital multimeter. It should be mounted on power on-off switch. The power on-off switch on the multimeter does various tasks. A “typical digital multimeter” to use the method being described here.
What Is A Digital Multimeter?

digital multimeter how to use

Component Testing Range in multimeter

Digital multimeter to measure resistance from the black (negative) com wrote to Prob plug and red (positive) to Prob “V(Ω) imprinted the plug is inserted. In this digital meter to measure resistance range have been a total of 6. Which are as follows.

200 ohm range:

The low value of the range (up to 200 ohm) are used to measure the resistance. By turning the rotary switch are placed on the range.

2k range:

 Using this range of 2k values ​​are used to measure the resistance.

20k range

Using the range of 20 kilo values ​​are used to measure resistance.

2 mega range

Using the range of 2 mega ohm are used to measure resistance.

20 Mega

Using this range is to measure the resistance of up to 20 mega.

Measuring DC voltage

  • Digital multimeter to measure DC voltage.
  • Multi meters are placed on the DC range. Black probe into the com port and the red probe to the port takes volts.
  • The range of 2 Volt DC current to less than or 2 volt is a measure,
  • Using this range is for measuring current of 2 volt.
  • Using this range is for measuring current up to 20 volt.

Multimeter to measure AC current

Digital multimeter to measure AC voltage range is the same way. The way to measure the DC voltage are used. But the multimeter are placed on an AC range.

Meter to check Continuity.

  1. To test the buzzer Continuity rotary switches are on. Continuity to test
  2. Red and black probe, Continuity has to check the circuits are putting on it. Continuity means that the buzzer rings. If not, then Continuity is not ringing.
  3. Continuity means caused by short or open.
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