HP Laser Printer Main Board For HP M1005 Logic Card

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Formatter system : The formatter coordinates the major systems. It is responsible for the following tasks or actions:

  • formatting and controlling copies
  • receiving and processing print data from the device interface
  • monitoring the control panel and relaying device-status information
  • developing and coordinating data placement and timing with the print engine
  • communicating with the host computer through the bidirectional interface

The formatter receives print data from the universal serial bus (USB) interface in a compressed raster
format. The firmware decompresses the raster data and sends the data to the ECU. The ECU initiates
the printing processes to transfer the data to the page.

How To Replce HP Laser Printer Main Board For HP M1005 Logic Card / Formater

1. Remove the right cover. See Device side covers
2. Disconnect two connectors (callout 1) and three FFCs

Remove the formatter

Figure :  Remove the formatter (1 of 2)

3. Remove four screws (callout 3) and remove the formatter.

Remove the formatter (2 of 2)

Figure : Remove the formatter (2 of 2)

94 Chapter 6 Removal and replacement ENWW
Scanner support frame

NOTE Some photos show a device other than th

Central processing unit

The formatter incorporates an embedded Tensilica processor operating at 230 MHz.

Standard boot process

When the device is unplugged or the power is off, the firmware code is stored on the formatter in two
blocks. The first block of code is an executable boot block (about 64K of code). The second block of
code is a compressed version of the device control code.

When the device is turned on, the boot block decompresses the device control code and stores it in
RAM. Then the device performs a full startup with the control code running from RAM.

Device startup messages

The LCD display contains different messages depending upon the progress of the boot process:RAM

The device contains two types of random-access memory (RAM):

● One bank of nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) stores parameters.
● Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) provides temporary storage of the device program code along with copy, scan, and print data.

Universal serial bus (USB) interface

The formatter receives incoming data through its USB interface. This interface provides high-speed,
two-way communication between the device and the host, allowing you to change device settings and
monitor device status from the host computer.

Control panel

The control panel consists of the following features:

● groups of buttons to control copy and menu navigation
● a 2-by-16 LCD display that shows status, menus, and messages


Select EconoMode to do the following:

● enable the device to use less toner
● extend the life of the toner supply
● possibly reduce cost-per-page

NOTE: Using EconoMode reduces print quality because the printed image is lighter.
HP does not recommend full-time use of EconoMode. If EconoMode is used full-time, the toner supply
can outlast the mechanical parts in the print cartridge. If print quality degrades under these
circumstances, you must install a new toner cartridge, even if toner remains in the existing cartridge.

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