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How To Repair Dead Motherboard

First check motherboard for physical damage and Burt break components .

Dead Condition of Motherboard
Dead Condition of Motherboard 
such as intel, asus,gigabyte, Chinese, dell, hp, msi, zebronics,  step by step

If Motherboard Dead

Check Suspected Circuits Point to Point
VRM Supply Circuit
Cpu Core Volt Circuit
Any Power Shorting
Signal Shorting
I/O Ic Faulty
MCH Ic Short (Memory control Hub)
PIIX Short

Repairing Method and Steps

Step 1

  • Check VRM Circuit All Components Such as:-
  • Main Mosfet.
  • Supporting Mosfet.
  • Filter Capacitor .
  • And VRM IC. 
  • Short or OPen condition Any Component first Remove Component From Motherboard PCB with help of SMD Machine .And Check Shorting or Open with Multimeter.

Step 2

  • Check CPU Core Volts Circuit.
  • Check All Capacitor After output Coils terminals any one and more capacitor are short or open. 
  • replace all Capacitor.
  • If computer hang in Bios that mean output Coils are short Replace Coils .

Step 3

  • Any Power Path Short
  • Trace all Power 3.3v, +5v, -5v, +12v, -12v - Volts Path any one path are shorting . check also power path Parallel Components (Capacitor, Diode etc.)

Note : shorting Conditions => volts and volts shorting, volts and Ground shorting check both conditions

Step 4

  • Signal Path Shorting
  • If any Data and Address Signal short then Display not come in Motherboard. so also check all Bus path Cpu To all Main Ic Circuit Such As=> Memory Controller Data Path, Clock Generator Data and Address Path, MCH, PIIX, Sound IC, Lan Ic, Chipset Ic etc
  • Check All Parallel Components-capacitor, Resistor, diode, coils etc.
  • Replace all Bad Components.

Step 5

  • Input Output Ic Faulty.
  • If Motherboard doesn't on by Trigger then check I/O Ic .
  • First Check +5v operating volts,if volts not come check supply path and components.
  • If volts available in Ic then Check high SMPS Green Cable Path. 
  • First desolder all ic's pin for dry soldering .
  • Last  Option replace the Ic .

Step 6

  • MCH And PIIX Chip Shorting.
  • First check Chip Overheating If Chip Are Overheat that Means Chips Are short And Non Repairabale 
  • check operating volt and  mosfet and other connected components 

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Coming Soon All Other Circuit Repairing Tips Please Visit Regularly and Ask Some Faults related question .

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